Genuine SEO Internet Marketing, Website Development and SEO Blog Wed, 10 Sep 2014 18:26:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Promoting Your Business With SEO Services Wed, 10 Sep 2014 15:46:19 +0000 When it comes to promoting your business online, few services can offer you the results that search engine optimization (SEO) can. Good SEO isn’t just focused on impressing the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to increase your website traffic; it is also intended to help convert visitors into customers for your products and services.

What is SEO?

Many business owners are somewhat confused about what exactly SEO is, and what it can do for their business. They may spend the majority of their advertising and marketing budget into social or other forms of promotion; unfortunately, without good SEO practices on your website, these efforts aren’t likely to succeed.

Every major search engine uses an algorithm in order to rank web pages based on how relevant the page is to the user. This is more than just identifying keywords in an article. What that was once the main function of search engines, today they take into account a number of different factors, including:

  • Page Authority
  • Number of Google +1s
  • Number of Unique IPs Linking to the Page
  • Number of Subdomains Linking to the Page
  • Number of External Links to the Page
  • Headings, Titles, and Meta Descriptions Similar to the Keyword
  • And many more!

As you can see, good search engine optimization needs to focus on far more than keyword usage. At BlueHat Marketing, SEO experts have years of experience in helping businesses increase their website’s ranking with the search engine, while staying up to date on all of the latest algorithm changes and updates. Good SEO can affect everything from your website’s content, to its design and social media practices.

How Can SEO Services Benefit Your Business?

As you can imagine, raising your ranking in search engine results can have a significant impact on the number of visitors to your site each day. However, true SEO will focus on far more than just the search engines. When a site is optimized correctly, it will not only result in a higher rate of traffic; you will see a higher number of sales conversions as well.

You may have considered using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get your site to the front page of Google’s search results. While this will usually get you some great results, the effect is temporary. As soon as the advertising campaign is over, your page drops back down in the search results and your traffic decreases. PPC advertising works well for short-term or seasonal campaigns. SEO is designed to keep your business going through the long term.

The other area that SEO can really help is with location-based searches. Local SEO helps customers who are in your area find not only your website, but your physical location as well. By ensuring that your site is at the top of the local search results, you make sure that customers are finding you, and not your competition. This helps to increase your reputation and influence at the local level, which is an important part of growing both your business and your brand.

Why BlueHat Marketing?

At BlueHat Marketing, theyemploy only the best SEO professionals. They are experts in their field who understand the fundamental principles of good, ethical SEO practices as well as all of the tips and tricks to get your website rising through the ranks quickly. They have won a number of awards related to SEO services, which include not only organic and location-based SEO, but hybrid services and reputation management as well. When combined, these services can have a powerful effect on the success of your business, and at BlueHat Marketing, your success is their total focus.

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Direct Traffic To Your Company Website With The Help Of A PPC Company Tue, 26 Aug 2014 01:21:03 +0000 Every business is aware of the importance of high quality advertising. If your company is not well advertised then consumers will not be aware of your products or services, and consequently use the competition to fulfil their needs. With high quality, well placed adverts however you are much more likely to succeed and make a sale. In this day and age, the best place to advertise is not in magazines, local papers or on the television: instead it is online. The internet is used by people all around the world and it is also the first place that consumers turn when looking for any kind of product or service. As a business this needs to be something that you take advantage of.

PPCA high quality, well placed advert online that directs traffic to your website could transform your company. This advert will be seen by thousands of people, making the chances of an enquiry or sale being made much higher than an advert in a local paper. For the best results you will want to use an established internet marketing company, as these companies know how to help your company to succeed through maintaining a strong online presence and being highly visible online. One of the key ways that this is achieved is through pay per click (PPC) advertising.

PPC advertising places a sponsored online advert on popular search engines like Google as well as other websites. When a consumer searches for something that your company can provide on a popular search engine, then this advert will be displayed under the sponsored ads section, which is generally to the right of the search results and highly visible. These sponsored ads are used heavily by consumers and an easy way to quickly improve your visibility online.

PPC is not just a great way to improve your visibility and drive traffic to your company website; it is also a fantastic value for money form of advertising. As the name implies, with PPC the advertiser only pays when an advert is clicked. For clients this makes PPC fantastic value for your money and a cost effective way of advertising online. This makes it easy for small companies to increase their visibility online and advertise in places that their target audience will see. For the best results it is important to use a trusted PPC company, as these companies will create the best advertising campaigns and help your business to succeed with top quality, well placed advertisements on popular search engines and other websites.


All consumers look online for all kinds of products or services, so all businesses need to ensure that they are visible online. This can be difficult in a fiercely competitive marketplace, but with an established marketing company and a top quality PPC campaign it will help your business to thrive. Results will begin to show as soon as the advert goes live, making it a fantastic investment which is also great value for your money.

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Why Should Your Small Business Have Its Own Website? Sun, 24 Aug 2014 23:09:55 +0000 If you own a small business and you don’t yet have a website, you should do something about it as quickly as you can. This article explains the reasons why, and why it will benefit your business to get online as quickly as possible.

The idea of creating a website is daunting to some and exciting to others. There are much easier ways of creating a website nowadays without the need to go to a web designer and paying lots of money for the privilege. You may decide to do this eventually but there is no need to make things too complex to begin with.

The simplest reason for getting your own website is to ensure your business is easy to find on the internet. More and more people search for businesses online now and if yours isn’t easy to locate you will lose business you might otherwise have enjoyed.

There are more benefits involved with owning a website for your business than this most basic one though. For instance, do you have a professional business card? Most business owners do. If you don’t have a website you cannot add your website URL to that card. This means you will end up missing out on traffic. It might even lead to embarrassment if someone asks why your web address isn’t on your card and you have to say you don’t have one. Eventually you will feel the need to have even a straight forward website to solve this problem.

There are lots of things to consider when you do set up a website. One of the most important is small business SEO. This is search engine optimisation and it means making sure your website is attractive for search engines to find and crawl. The more easily and conveniently it can be placed in the search results the more chance there is of your site appearing in those results for suitable terms.

Small business SEO might sound complex and involved but in reality much of the SEO you perform should be totally natural anyway. If you start putting lots of keywords into your site you will find you achieve the exact opposite of what you would like. You could seek professional advice on this matter if you wish, if you find you cannot work out what to write or how to write it. You may also seek advice if your website is not receiving a reasonable amount of traffic, although of course it can take time for this to occur.

As you can see there is much to think about here. However the main rule is clear – if you don’t have a business website you cannot expect to reach the millions of people who use the internet every single day. The further ahead we go into time, the more likely it is you will miss out on a huge chunk of potential business. This holds true regardless of which field you happen to be in.

So think about this now and consider what you could enjoy in terms of an improved business if you had your own website. Even a simple two or three page site could be better than nothing at all – especially if it brings you at least one new customer.

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How To Build A Website From Scratch Sat, 02 Aug 2014 20:53:23 +0000 There are many different ways to communicate to others today, but none as effective as a website. Whether for business or for personal reasons, a website will get the point across and that is what matters.

Website building tools have become quite popular these days and sites like make it possible to create your own website in no time at all. Simply pick out the template that works best for you, choose your domain name, pick out your plan and your website will be published instantly. This is how easy website building has gotten thanks to do-it-yourself sites like

Taking Website Building into Your Own Hands

Now that you know that it is possible to take website building into your own hands, it is important that you come to realize just how easy website building really is. So you have an idea for an online business, or for a blog of some kind, but you don’t know how you are going to come up with the finances to hire a company to build your new website. Well that is the genius behind online website builder companies like

Gone are the days of paying a web designer thousands of dollars to build your website for you. Website building has gotten so simple that anyone can build a fully functioning website in no time flat. This is not an exaggeration and we will tell you why.

Website-BuildersTake for example. This site will give you more than 1,000 ready-made website templates to choose from, in every category that you can think of. You will begin by choosing the best template for your specific need. So let’s just say that you want to start selling knick knacks in an online store. There are more than enough ecommerce templates to choose from, so you find the one that suits your need perfectly.

Once you have chosen your template, the rest of the work is just as easy. With the simple drag-n-drop system that is available for website building, you just drag your preferred content and drop it right into place on the template. This simple system has opened up doors that continue to change people’s lives on a daily basis.

With a template chosen, and filled with all of your preferred content, you will be ready to choose the perfect plan and publish your website. The only other thing left to do will be to choose your domain name and get ready to go live. Yes, it does almost sound too good to be true, but true it is. Website building is now as easy as this and getting your own website online can be done with little, to no, effort whatsoever.

Why waste your time looking for someone to build your website for you, when you can take website building into your own hands? Build your brand new website today!

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Securing A Successful Online Business Wed, 25 Jun 2014 01:45:07 +0000 Starting your own business will generate a bevy of responsibilities you’ll need to take care of, especially if you’re opening a storefront or restaurant. If you’re just starting out or feel overwhelmed by the prospect of maintaining a physical location, a great alternative is to begin a business online.

The cost of a website domain is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the price required to rent or lease a building. As long as you have confidence in your product or service, you’re bound to be successful in the long run, even if your business is off to a rocky start.

One of the best things about hosting your business online is that you’re able to make transactions virtually anywhere. Whether you’re at home, school or in a coffee shop, all aspects of your site are only a click away. For in-person transactions, you can also utilize tools like Square to take credit and debit cards, so that you’re never losing out on an opportunity.

No matter how wonderful your products are, you won’t manage to sell very much unless you’re willing to advertise. With the influx of social media has come a unique opportunity to make your business ventures well known. By posting updates on the most popular social media websites, you’ll be able to communicate to a wide variety of potential customers.

If you need some help getting started, there are a variety of websites that specialize in implementing social marketing advertising initiatives. Video blogs are also an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers, providing an edge over written articles and posts due to the visual intimacy. Videos allow merchants to appear more accessible to clientele, which is very important for any business owner.

It’s always important that you remain as transparent and open as possible, so that customers can trust and feel comfortable with your business and website. Also, while advertisements on your pages can be important to supplement costs, you don’t want your site to be swamped with ads.

As long as you do your research and are consistent, your online business will be successful for years to come.

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Know How Your Offline Success Is Driven By Online Marketing Thu, 20 Mar 2014 17:52:05 +0000 It is safe to say that a business without a social media presence is planning for failure. Small and huge businesses today are using the web to drive their investment to a new level. Even brick and mortar business are turning online in droves to make the most of an affordable way of marketing and reaching out to prospects. Businesses have been hit hard by different financial woes over the years and having a social media strategy successfully implemented is very important. There are ways that businesses have used to spark promotional creativity.

Social Media Key To Every Businessoffline-marketing-strategy

Social media is very important for small and large businesses where the web is used to drive and find prospects. Small businesses are creating blogs as well, while over 75 percent of small businesses in the United States alone have a Fan Page or company page on the various social networking sites. Also, only 6 percent of businesses across the same region feel that social networking has been negative to their image. By the same token, adoption of social media by small business has continued to increase and double from 12 percent to more than 24 percent, annually. About 61 percent of all small businesses are using social media to attract and identify new customers.

Customer engagement in social media by companies is also about 61 percent. About 53 percent of people are using Twitter to suggest products and companies within their tweets, and about 48 percent have been showing their intention of buying the products. For example, a hotel business with a presence across the country has been able to combine both Facebook and Twitter to offer fans and followers rooms at a very special rate. In turn, 1,000 rooms have been booked for a whole year.

Geo Targeting Online

Local businesses are now turning to Geo-targeting online in an effort to attract more business to their locations offline. This is why about 20 percent of all the searches found on Google are specific to the location. Google Places alone has over 4 million businesses listed. Bing Maps introduced interior views in 2010 and users have been provided with a comprehensive panorama of the interior of a business. Yelp has more than four million reviews that help a business to get in touch with its customer base, respond and improve on its delivery, performance and interaction with customers. Of all the over 4 million reviews found on Yelp, 7 percent are for entertainment, 7 percent local services, 8 percent fitness, 23 percent shopping, 34 percent restaurants and the remaining 21 percent for other businesses.

Hyper-Local Group Advertising

Around 2010, lots of businesses started promoting their business on hyper-local group purchasing websites such as Groupon. This was meant to increase offline sales and bring in more customers. On average, over 1,100 people buy some group deal daily from Groupon. This daily deal on average costs about thirty dollars at a 57 percent average discount. About 95 percent of businesses that have utilized Groupon have been satisfied with the experience so far with 95 percent of those indicating that they intend to use it again. 96 percent are willing to recommend the site to other individuals and businesses. A good example is a dentist in San Francisco who had the benefit of Groupon bringing him more than 300 patients that in turn helped to transform his business that had been around for only 5 months.

Hi, I am Anoosh Kashefi, a part time blogger and a guy who works from home. I have dedicated my entire time on this website which focuses on how to create a residual income and it hosts information on empower network review, which will help you select the right network product to work with. Catch up with me on Google

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Three Basic Principles Of Web Design And SEO Tue, 18 Mar 2014 20:29:41 +0000 A web presence is essential, but it takes more than just having a website live online to keep up with customers, as well as to reach out to a new audience and provide essential information that all visitors need. There is a tremendous amount of competition for rankings on search engines. There are some principles to bear in mind when attempting to stand out from the competition that is prevalent on the major search engines and to reach the customers you wish effectively. Here are three basic principles of web design and SEO to help gain and retain the audience and search engine rankings you need to conduct a productive business online.

1. Have A Clear Content Strategy

A website needs a strategy for the content placed there. Quality content is essential. Plan what content your website contains by being certain it reflects exactly what your business wants to achieve and what it has to offer to potential customers. Customers want to visit your website and get the basic information needed to make a decision to do business with you or not. They need to find information quickly.

Search engines tend to favor those websites that have regularly updated content. When choosing a content strategy, consider how you can best update the website. In order to add worthwhile content on a regular basis, consider having a blog or other method for quickly adding fresh content without a need to resort to your web design team.

The basis of quality content is offering information and tips that the user benefits from. Updating your content regularly also allows greater ease when it comes to retaining users. They will come back frequently to learn from the content you display. Think of keywords that are relevant to every aspect of your business.

Do some preliminary research when creating your content strategy to establish the most relevant keywords a business like yours needs to contain on all web pages. Get ideas for keywords from other companies like yours, but also be certain to update the keywords regularly as trends in your business change and grow. Be sure the content is able to be indexed by search engines by using Flash and other scripts that search crawls do not pick up minimally.

2. Create Universal Navigation

Your web content needs to be viewed conveniently not just on a desktop computer monitor or a laptop. These days, it needs to appear quickly and visibly on smartphones, iPads and other like devices. Be sure to have content tested on all types of devices so that you do not lose out to customers who are browsing for companies like yours on an Android phone. Universal navigation is as essential as good content. As with the content, it needs to be visible on all types of devices, so it is important to use animation and judiciously.

3. Dip Into Social Media Sites

While you do not have to have an account with every single social media site, you do want to offer a presence on several that work for your business. Your customers and potential customers may find it is easier to keep up with your business’s news and trends by being able to see what you have to say on places like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Be sure to make use of those social media websites that work best for your needs and your products and services.

Having quality content, universal visibility and making use of social media websites properly are three basic ways to ensure the success of your business. You want to use all three in conjunction with reaching, and keeping, those customers your business depends upon for revenue and growth.

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Amy Rice writes about social media and SEO, when not writing she goes swimming with her daughter and plays adventure golf.

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