5 Effective Blog Marketing Strategies

5 Effective Blog Marketing Strategies

5 Effective Blog Marketing Strategies

  1. Marketing Research
  • Research The Market –  Whether you’re launching a website, blog or email campaign, determine what information is already out there and how it’s presented. What makes your content stand out against the rest of the Web?
  • Make sure you are targeting the right audience for your blog posts. If you are blogging about the wonders of making 3D pictures and you are a Internet Marketing Blog. You are way off base.

2. SEO Design

  • Get Super Organized – Make sure that the pictures match your content that you are distributing to the internet – Example IF you blog about seo you want to have Branded SEO images in your post. Compelling Content – You want to capture the readers attention and have them comment on your blog. Then as an internet professional you Must respond with logical answers and maybe the exact answer they are looking for.


  • Guiding –  Include as much information as possible regarding everything from tone and voice to target word count. Provide best practices for optimizing content and writing checklists.


  • Maintaining Your Content –  It’s crucial to have a plan in place to continuously update content. Outdated content will quickly turn readers away. Plus, a stagnant site won’t do you any favors when it comes to search engines.
  • Monitoring Your content on social media sites – Leverage analytics tools to gauge what worked best and what failed. Look for patterns in the most popular types of content—i.e., checklists, charts, case studies. You can analyze virtually any variable, from optimal article length to most popular type of headline.


  • Content Distribution –  We reccomend using Hootsuite to distribute your content. It is very user friendly and can add multiple Social Media Platforms. You may also set scheduled posts all month long. Very powerful tool for the internet marketing professionl.
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