Welcome to Our SEO Blog!

IMPROZ is a Houston SEO Company, and we have created this blog away from our main site to share information on SEO. We’ve done this because we want to do something much different that what we do on our company site.

The goal of this blog is to get technical and offer information differently than what we find on the web. We are not just going to write about it, however. We are going to give you the specs on how to do it and interpret some of the most difficult things to understand.

That is right…we’ll not only be as precise as possible, but we’ll also interact with you. All you need to do is follow along and ask us questions in the discussion forum located at the bottom of every page.

The reason we are doing this is because early on when we were getting started the information we found was vague and hard to interpret. In addition to that, the many changes to the algorithms that Google and the other search engines have made due to the many spammers out there made it even more difficult, because of the constant change.

We’ll the changing has not stopped, and the complexity of achieving success has only gotten more difficult in the world of SEO, but despite these challenges we press on. What do you ask compels us to do so?

We are excited about the SEO horizon! That is because it requires a new kind of marketer. One that is highly creative and technically capable. Where design and SEO must harmonize like a great song.

You see what the challenges mean to us is that it is no longer easy to do SEO, yet you must possess more talent than just one person can have. It now requires a team of highly skilled professionals that are passionate about the science and art of SEO.